Fee list of tax, accounting and payroll services in Japan

Service fee list

The annual fee of tax, accounting and payroll services is the total of the 3 items below:

1. Monthly retainer fee
2. Tax return preparation fee
3. Optional service fees

We assists the establishment of numerous Japanese subsidiaries of overseas headquartered groups including listed companies.
If you are establishing a new company, we can provide comprehensive support in advising you on important matters at the time of establishment, opening bank accounts, notifying the tax office, registering the social and labor insurance, appointing a nominee director or tax agent, and so on.

Monthly Retainer Fee and Tax Return Preparation Fee

Annual Sales Fee
less than 10M Monthly 25,000
Tax return 150,000
Annual total: JPY450,000 (JPY495,000 including tax)
10M~30M Monthly 30,000
Tax return 250,000
Annual total: JPY610,000 (JPY671,000 including tax)
30M~50M Monthly 35,000
Tax return 350,000
Annual total: JPY770,000 (JPY847,000 including tax)
50M~100M Monthly 45,000
Tax return 450,000
Annual total: JPY990,000 (JPY1,089,000 including tax)
100M~500M Monthly 55,000
Tax return 550,000
Annual total: JPY1,210,000 (JPY1,331,000 including tax)
500M or more Please contact us.

※1. Monthly retainer fee includes:
(1)Tax and accounting advice
(2)Advice on general tax saving plans under Japanese tax rules

※2. Tax return preparation fee includes:
(1)Preparation and e-filing of tax returns
(2)Preparation of financial report which is attached to the tax returns

Optional Service Fees

Services Fee
Bank account opening (One-time) JPY50,000 (JPY55,000 including tax)
Bookkeeping (or bookkeeping review) and payroll We estimate the fee based on transaction volume and complexity. Please contact us.

– Fees could fluctuate depending on the actual complexity and level of customization required. We will let you know before the work is done what your bill will be.
– For fees not shown, please contact us.