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Nakashima Tax and Accounting Office consists of professionals experienced in the area of services for multinational corporations and international tax. We offer both advisory and compliance services to help companies address their Japanese taxation concerns, providing advice that is in line with their corporate strategy and business goals. We are authorized as “Support agencies for business innovation” by the Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan.

We have helped more than 200 foreign multinational corporations run their businesses in Japan in our careers. Based on this solid foundation of experience, we will provide our clients with the most appropriate professional services. By increasing client satisfaction and supporting client growth with our services, we aim to become an indispensable partner in clients’ success in Japan.

Takayoshi Nakashima
CPA |US CPA| Certified Public Tax Accountant | CMA
Managing Partner
About our office

Benefits of working with Nakashima Tax and Accounting Office

– Tax advisory services that minimize the tax, leaving more funds to invest in your business in Japan
– Tax specialist reviews of your business transactions to minimize risks of unexpected taxes or penalties
– Tax audit defense support by experienced certified public tax accountants, scheduling and attending all audit appointments, handling the audit correspondence, and defending your return
– Ability to provide outsourcing service for your accounting, tax, finance and payroll department compliance functions with the specialists of those areas, introducing the simple and efficient tax management, reducing costs, and eliminating the burden of searching for qualified staff
– High-value services at a reasonable fee, achieved by specializing in services for foreign companies and expats/ foreigners, increasing expertise and efficiency


We can support you in:

1. Business incorporation in Japan and consulting services
– Providing the most appropriate structuring advice for your investment in Japan
– Providing company address to be registered in Japan
– Opening bank account in Japanese leading banks
– Preparing documents of incorporation in Japan
– Nominal representative director
– Tax agent (tax representative)

2. Japan tax, accounting compliance and consulting services
– Accounting and bookkeeping services in Japan
– Tax provision in Japan
– Tax analysis for mergers and acquisitions in Japan
– Cross-border transaction structuring
– Tax planning for Japan’s thin capitalization and earnings stripping rules
– Financial audit
– Financial due diligence in Japan
– Tax due diligence in Japan
– Valuation of Japanese entities

3. Cash management services in Japan

4. Payroll processing services in Japan

5. Social insurance and labor consulting services in Japan (Nakashima Social Insurance and Labor Consultant Office will provide the services.)

6. Preparation and lodgement of Japanese individual tax return for expats/ foreigners

7. Local business management conducting as tax agent and/or nominal local representative

8. Corporate Secretarial Services

9. Financial audit


Fees are listed below.
We will always let you know up front how much you are paying.

Client Testimonials

Nakashima Tax and Accounting Office is the wisest choice in Tokyo/Japan. (Keepers Field Limited (UK), Global investment company)


①How did you find our office?

I was recommended Nakashima T&A via an initial introduction from an international legal firm. I needed some very specific assistance in setting up a Japanese GK for a real estate investment in Japan. This set up carried a high degree of complexity due to taxation matters between the UK and Japan. Nakashima T&A managed to unravel the complexity in a way that made this investment opportunity a true, delightful reality.

②What kind of needs, problems or concerns did you have?

We always need a quick response. Nakashima T&A has an impressive work ethic and impeccable communication skills, whether in writing or verbally. Nakashima T&A has also managed to link my company with other very useful contacts in Japan (e.g., banks, VISA companies).

③What do you feel about our service?

Nakashima T&A is the perfect company if you wish to obtain the professional advice.
It is imperative to obtain the best local (and international, cross border) advice when entertaining businesses in Japan. Nakashima T&A shows a level of commitment that is second to none in understanding one’s needs and coming up with pragmatic solutions to the array of problems and opportunities.
From simple to complex tasks Nakashima T&A is the wisest choice in Tokyo/Japan.


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Since the number of requests has reached a certain number already, we can currently provide individual tax consultations only to employees of corporations that have an advisory contract with us. We can provide a full range of services to corporations.

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